COTI: perspectives and advantages

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been growing in recent years. For this reason, many people are trying to find favorable conditions for investments. Some people are focused on exchange transactions with other users, while others are looking for effective investment tools to save money. Among modern cryptocurrency platforms, COTI stands out.

Each user has access to coti wallets to enter into smart contracts and the e-commerce market. The considered payment platform greatly simplifies the procedure of paying for goods and services without compromising the safety of users’ privacy. The project has several advantageous features and properties that you should pay attention to before creating a wallet.

Main advantages of COTI

A decentralized payment platform helps to make payments with a minimum commission for its customers. COTI has a distributed ledger without separate blocks compared to the classic Blockchain. This helps to provide higher bandwidth, serving at least ten thousand transactions per second. This indicator cannot be achieved by other developing projects from well-known developers (for example, Polkadot).

COTI is a payment system that has its payment instrument called CotiPay. It includes the following main components:

  • Cluster technology and Trust Chain consensus. These tools are responsible for instant confirmation of the operations performed. The more often a user makes transactions, the more trust points he gets.
  • Mediation system. It is used in case of conflicts, allowing you to quickly resolve disputes of a different nature.
  • Availability of its exchange. This allows you to immediately convert COTI tokens into any other cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Also, the payment system has a built-in anti-fraud system. This is necessary for those who work with fiat funds.

Development prospects

The COTI system has a built-in ecosystem that provides interaction between sellers and buyers. The issue is more than two billion coins. The creators are developing the possibility of issuing additional coins for the launching of the project on the international market.

Cryptocurrency features include:

  • minimum commission for transactions and payments;
  • fast confirmation of transactions;
  • high capacity of the system;
  • network security and protection of clients’ data from hackers;
  • support for international payments;
  • absence of intermediaries and third parties;
  • convenient tools for sellers and traders.

COTI has great development perspectives. This project is being actively developed, justifying investments with a view to the future.